About Our Tavern

The Space : Historic Eagle

Over time, 127 W 2nd Street's environment has evolved. This phenomenon isn't unique; it's a common occurrence in towns experiencing development. 

We were once many other things- The Viking Garage, A consignment store, Bonfire Brewing and now- Second Street Tavern. Second Street exudes a rustic atmosphere, featuring live edge wood accents, complemented by hints of metal finishes. Its walls stand ready to embrace fresh narratives.

Preserving remnants of its history, the space honors its predecessors. Brian, the founder, underscores the significance of keeping these stories alive, ensuring that the legacies of Second Street's past endure.

The Founder : Brian Kunkel

Brian Kunkel hails from Eagle, Colorado, with his familial ties spanning several generations in the area. Despite his ventures elsewhere, Eagle has always held a special place in his heart. Upon his return, following years of experience in the bar and restaurant industry, he embarked on a mission to rekindle a sense of community in his beloved hometown.

For Brian, it had long been a cherished ambition to establish a venue where both locals and visitors could unwind and connect during their "Colorado Day" escapades. In 2023, this aspiration materialized into reality.

In addition to his role as an entrepreneur, Brian assumes the responsibility of a dog dad to Porter, an affectionate black pitty mix with a penchant for fetching and raccoon-chasing. Given his profound affection for canines, Brian ensured that his establishment would not only welcome patrons but also their beloved four-legged companions.

The Mascot : Porter

Second Street is a place where people and their furry best friends can come together and enjoy a few drinks and food, some laughs and good times. 

Porter is our resident pup and while he's not always around- he's got a ton of love and energy when he's in the tavern. 

This black pitty mix is too smart for his own good and you can bet he knows it.

Please keep in mind that we can only allow doggos outside as of 2024. While we would love to have them inside the space some changes took this option away from us.