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Our Venue

We are a small local pub with rustic metal and burnt wood elements. Our space features a large bar, various bar and table seating, garage doors and an outdoor patio with our food truck situated off Grand Ave (Highway 6) and 2nd Street.

Looking To Play At Our Venue?

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Artist & General Music faq

Do You Have Live Music?

Yes! We love having live music. If you are an artist- you are in the right place- click "Yes, Sign Me Up" to move forward.

If you are a patron looking to stay up-to-date on shows, please see EVENTS page for what we have coming up.

When Do You Have Live Music?

We have Open Mic every Tuesday. If you want to come in and show us your chops it's typically around 7:30-9pm.

We have bands on Fridays + Saturdays. Set times change seasonally. Typically artists play later in the summer. Sets are usually 2 hours with 1 15 minute set break.

What Kind Of Live Music Do You Have?

We like to schedule a variety of talent. We've featured: Americana, Folk, Jam, Funk, Bluegrass and Rock. We typically do not book DJ's or Rap but it doesn't mean we never will!

We typically don't book solo artists on Fridays or Saturdays but you can still inquire. There are always instances that arise where we need solo artists (Large party events, sponsor events, etc.)

We are a new band, don't have social media or materials? Can we still play at your venue?

We are always happy to help new musicians get their start. With that being said, we are a business and we do need to properly promote all our shows so our community can attend.

If you are a new artist and you want to pitch us (or another venue) we do ask that you do the legwork and start and Instagram and Facebook account. We like to promote our shows and cross-market our partnering artists. Having social accounts in addition to a website/epk, linktree and some form of music page (Spotify/YouTube/etc) are always a good idea if you want to be taken seriously by venues you contact. 

Exceptions have been made in the past for artists without these materials so you can always ask. Just bear in mind that we will likely ask for these for artists we have not worked with.

Who photographs all your shows?

We have an in-house photographer that shoots some of our shows for the marketing team. If you are an artist looking to play and you are interested in having your set covered, you can reach out to amber@2ndstreeteagle.com for more info.

Where do you post your upcoming shows?

All our shows are featured on our EVENTS page. We post our shows to the following areas for more reach:

-All Events - click here to view events

-Vail Daily - click here to see events calendar

-Facebook Events - click to see Facebook events

We print posters each month and distribute them in Eagle, Gypsum, and Edwards for all upcoming events and shows.

Our Band Is Traveling Through the Area... How Do We Get In Touch?

We are always looking for new musicians to play. If your band or someone you know is visiting the area, please fill out our info form on this page. We'll check it out and get back to you. 

Do you have a sound technician?

We do not have an in-house sound tech so bands are responsible for their own sound. We are a small space and hope to make changes to this in the future.

Can we sell merchandise at our show?

Yes, we want the bands that we book to reach new audiences. We happily allow for merchandise sales. You do need to provide your own sales system. We have wifi available if you need it for credit card transactions.

Is there a cover for shows?

Most of our shows at Second Street are no cover. We may do some ticketed shows in the future for big bands but as of February 2024 we have not added ticketed shows to our calendar.

What is your age limit for shows?

Technically our shows are all ages. We do remind folks that it is a bar and the shows are on the later side. If the show merits an age limit we will notify the artists and post it on all events to let the public know.

Do you do shows inside or outside?

During the winter all our shows are inside. We have fit bands of up to 9 inside. During the Spring, Summer and Fall we will have a combination of indoor/outdoor shows based on weather and event needs.