Our Partners

Thanks to our partners and sponsors we have been able to bring back a locals bar to Ealge, CO. We appreciate all you do, thank you for your continued support.

 As a business, we aim to build partnerships with charities and other organizations to bring awareness to causes we believe truly matter.

Our sponsors have graciously helped us bring our vision of live music and other events to life. They help us provide a fun environment for locals and visitors.

Eagle county animal shelter

Rhiannon Rowe & Samantha Geist

Eagle County Animal Shelter is a local organization that partners with us on adoption events during the Spring, Summer and Fall. 

2nd Street Happy Hour is a an event where patrons can come in, play, pet and adopt the new pups coming in to  the shelter. Many of these animals are coming from kill shelters or have taken too long to be adopted elsewhere through no fault of their own.

Discounted adoption rates are provided at the events for new puppy parents. It's a win-win for everyone!

Sweet leaf pioneer

Dieneka manzanares

Sweet Leaf Pioneer is a local shop that has partnered with us on our music program for 2024. Together we aim to bring more music to community here in the Vail Valley by creating fun, consistent, memorable performances that get people together and highlight upcoming artists both locally and traveling through the area. 

Eagle Arts

Eagle Arts is a local non-profit that aims to connect the community with art through different monthly events and spaces. At Second Street, we believe these events are essential to teach children and adults alike of the importance of art in life. We aim to promote these events and highlight talented members of our community.

Second Street participates in the following Eagle Arts events and we look forward to adding more!

-Eagle ARTwalk

-Murder on Broadway

Grand Cru wine solutions

richard butters

Grand Cru Wine Solutions is a locally run business that has partnered with us to offer its members and like-minded individuals looking to join exclusive access to rare and exquisite libations. 

We look forward to announcing more benefits and plans with Grand Cru.

Want to become a partner or a sponsor?

We’re always looking for awesome people and organizations to work with.